Saturday, May 12, 2012

HUGGLY TAKES A BATH Written and Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

HUGGLY TAKES A BATH Written and Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Publisher: Scholastic, 1999-09-01 
Pages: 24
Ages: 3-8

When I was flipping through books in the store, I was quickly attracted to this brightly coloured book. The big eyed green monster looks so adorable that I could not resist taking this book home with me.

The silly hero of Arnold's Huggly book series is not scary, even if he is "The Monster Under the Bed." He emerges from under the "people child's" bed, goes into the bright bathroom to find some snacks but instead gets into all kinds of trouble. 

Huggly takes a bite out of the soap bar and eats some toothpaste. My Granddaughters laugh when he uses the toothbrush to clean between his toes. Faith says,"he is so silly. Isn't he grandma?"

Finding himself in the bathtub, Huggly manages to fill it with water then starts to add wonderful slime which is actually different kinds of liquid soap. Soon he finds himself in a tub full of bubbles which is even better than his slime pit back home. 

Suddenly the people child enters the washroom and Huggly races back to hide under the bed again.

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