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FROGGY LEARNS TO SWIM Written by Jonathan London & Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz 

Publisher: Penguin/Viking, 1995)
Pages: 32
Ages:  2 to 6

Page 1
We loved reading “Let’s Go Froggy!” so much that we had to find another Froggy book. This is the second book from the Froggy series to join our library.

So what is Froggy up to this time. It is a hot day and Mom and Dad decide to go for a swim in the pond.

Page 2

Oh, oh. Look at Froggy's face. I wonder what is wrong?

There's nothing wrong with Mom and Dad. They just dive right in. 

You gotta love Mom's watermelon bathing suit. I know my granddaughter wants one just like it.
Page 3

So where is Froggy?

FRRROOGGY!" called his mother.


Froggy's parents want him to join them in the pond but Froggy has something else in mind.
Page 3


Froggy loves his swing. I haven't met a kid who doesn't enjoy swinging so high that they almost touch the sky.

He goes so high that he winds around the crossbar then unwinds like a spring. I don't know about you but I remember as a kid imagining swinging so high that I could wind around the crossbar. zzzziiiinnnnngggggg-

Whether Froggy wants to swim or not he lands in the pond with a splash.

I wish I had a preview of the next couple of pages because they are just priceless. Froggy cries out to his Mother for help because he believes he is drowning. His Mother asks, "What are you do-o-o-ing?" She tells her son that frogs are born in water and they are great swimmers. At this point Froggy is climbing right up on top of his Mother's head. It is hilarious! It makes me and my granddaughters laugh. Froggy's one hand is holding onto his mother eyelid and her eye is wide open looking up at him. Froggy's other hand has forced his Mother's other eye shut.

Froggy tells his Mother that he can not swim. "Oh fiddlesticks!" responds his Mother. "I'll show you how."

Froggy's Mom teaches him how to swim using this little song to help. "Bubble, bubble, toot toot. Chicken, airplane, soldier." My Granddaughters chyme in and sing along with me the swimming rhyme.

Now he loves swimming so much that he won't get out of the water even after it gets dark. My little sweethearts love the water. The summer they turned three, they were swimming under the water across our round pool. If they had it their way, my Granddaughters would stay in the water like Froggy.

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