Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GIFTS Written by Jo Ellen Bogart and Illustrated by Barbara Reid


Written by Jo Ellen Bogart
Illustrated by Barbara Reid

Publisher: Scholastic Canada, Limited
Pages: 36
Ages: 3-7

I have to admit that the pictures attracted me to this book. 

The award winning plastercine illustrations are beautiful, clean and vibrant.

My granddaughters also love, love the illustrations. A large part about reading this book is discussing the images. Each page is a collage of images that define the geographical area that Grandma is visiting. 

My Granddaughters noticed right away that the little girl was getting older and at the end she was all grown up.

My grandma went a-travelling, she said: "what would you have me bring?" 

"Not much," said I, "just a piece of sky, and a hundred songs I can sing..."

And Grandma manages to do just that, delivering into a young girl's hands a pack of unusual souvenirs, from "billabong goo" to a sitar's zing. But more important, she brings the enduring gifts of enthusiasm, love and respect for a hundred different places and peoples the world over.

The loving relationship between grandma and granddaughter as each ages is tenderly captured in hugs, smiles and subtle physical changes. ...

Gifts is a treasure to read alone, aloud, to a group, or to give to anyone who loves the unique..." - School Library Journal


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