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"FROGGY'S BABY SISTER" Written by Jonathan London 
Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz 

Publisher: Penguin/Viking, 2003) 
Pages: 32
Ages:  2 to 6

Yes we love Froggy. And who doesn't love Babies? Right? Just look at her! She is just so cute.

Page 1

Froggy wakes up on this day hoping it is the big day. He flops - flop flop flop out to the kitchen . . . . 

Page 3

. . . where he finds his Mother. "Wow, Mom! said Froggy. "Your tummy is huge!" 

Page 4

He is excited! He wants   to have a baby brother. Froggy daydreams about all the things he can teach his little brother.

Finally it's time. Mom and Dad go to the hospital. Much to Froggy's disappointment, they return with a baby sister. "A girl? cried Froggy. "Yuck!" "Her name is Pollywogilina! said Mom. "But you can call her Polly for short."

Froggy's disappointment is short lived. As soon as Polly cries he gets excited to make her burgers and fries. Mom feeds Polly a bottle of cream of mush - slurp slurp slurp. 

Froggy is eager to help take care of Polly but he has to wait until her legs are all grown in and she loses her tail. Spring ends then summer. He wants to teach her so many different things but it is taking too long for Polly's legs to grow in. Surprise! Mom unwraps Polly and she has legs and her tail has fallen off. Yippe! Now can I take care of her?"

So Froggy and Polly go out to the yared to spend time together. Polly cries and her big brother shows her how to catch flies. She cries again and Froggy sniffs her diaper. "Yikes! cried Froggy, holding his nose. "Pollywogilina! You stink!" Oh my how this makes my granddaughters laugh. So Froggy changes his sister's diaper. He is so proud, he holds his little sister up to show his Mom when the diaper falls off and lands on the floor. "OOps!" cried Froggy, looking more red in the face than green. And my Granddaughters laugh out loud.

Later that night, Polly won't go to sleep and she calls out for her big brother. And Polly went to sleep in Froggy's arms.

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