Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TWO BY TWO Written and Illustrated by Barbara Reid


Written and Illustrated by Barbara Reid

A story about Noah and his ark

Publisher: Scholastic 
Pages: 29
Ages: 2 and up

I was in search of a book about Noah when I came across this lovely book by Barbara Reid. 

I recognized her Plasticine illustrations immediately.

My Granddaughters and I thoroughly enjoy reading this book and examining the pictures over and over again. 

Barbara Reid's art is full of interesting details and vibrant colors. She retells this familiar tale in whimsical rhyme.


As many of you know, Noah and his family build this humongous boat. Mrs. Noah loads up her arms with seeds of every flower, tree and weed.

The sons and their wives packed in the food. Then all the animals board the arc, TWO BY TWO .

It rained for forty days and forty nights. "Space within was so restricted, Even the boas felt constricted."

The rain stopped and the water recedes. 

The arc hits dry land and Noah opens the door and lowered the planks. "With hoot and squawk and squeak and bark, The animals tumbled off the ark."

A wonderful story back dropped with beautiful renditions. We have read and reread this story many times and I am sure we will enjoy it many more times.


Have you had the chance to read this book? Or perhaps a different version of this story?


I love to read your opinions and comments. It makes my day. 

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Bye for now. 

Wishing you the best, Darlene

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