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  • (Teeny Witch Series) \Written by Liz Mathews & Illustrated by Carolyn Loh

Publisher: Troll Communications (January 1991)
  • Pages: 45
  • Ages:3-6

I can't remember exactly how old my granddaughters were when I first started reading to them but it is a bedtime ritual that can never be skipped. We don't just read at bedtime but it is our favorite way to end the day.

I love the fact that they love to sit and look at their books to have some quiet time or pretend to read to one another. 

When I take them out, they run to the book section grabbing books and throwing them in the kart. Before we leave the store, we go over to the books and narrow it down to five or less. 

My three year old Granddaughter picked this book out all by herself. She saw the picture of Teeny Witch on the cover, reminding me that she was a witch for Halloween and threw it in the kart. 

This story begins with Teeny Witch looking out the window at the rain. She is bored. What child hasn't been bored on a rainy day? 

Teeny has done everything there is to do in her house so her Aunt Icky suggests a trip to the Library.

Teeny Witch finds out there is so much more to do at the library than books and reading. She visits the Library's pet exhibit, the puppet show and of course she finds a couple of good books to read. 

My granddaughters relate this story. They have made many trips to the library with their Aunt and Great Grandma for preschooler activities. They make crafts, listen at story time, sing and participate in other activities.

When Teeny Witch got home, she found her Aunt Vicky and Aunt Ticky on the porch. You gotta get a kick out of the Aunts' names! They wanted to know where she had been on the awful rainy day. 

Teeny Witch smiled. "I saw a pet exhibit," said Teeny. "I saw a puppet show. I picked out three books all by myself. I rode on a horse named Lucky. Lucky and I even jumped over a fence."

Aunt Vicky and Aunt Ticky were more puzzled. They thought she just went to the Library.

"I did," laughed Teeny Witch. And she went into inside to read her new library book.

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